G8 Renewable Energy Task Force

In July 2000 the Leaders of the eight major industrialised democracies and the President of the European Commission (G8) met in Okinawa for the 26th Summit. At the Summit the Leaders agreed to set up a Task Force with a remit to identify actions that can be taken to promote a step change in the supply, distribution and use of renewable energy in developing countries. The relevant extract from the communiqué is set out below.

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Paragraph 66 of the G8 Communiqué, Okinawa 2000

Working together and with existing institutions to encourage and facilitate investment in the development and use of sustainable energy, underpinned by enabling domestic environments, will assist in mitigating the problems of climate change and air pollution. To this end, the increased use of renewable energy sources in particular will improve the quality of life, especially in developing countries. We therefore call on all stakeholders to identify the barriers and solutions to elevating the level of renewable energy supply and distribution in developing countries. We invite stakeholders to join in a Task Force to prepare concrete recommendations for consideration at our next Summit regarding sound ways to better encourage the use of renewables in developing countries.

The full text of the Okinawa Communiqué can be found at:

The Work of the Task Force

The Task Force has been established to identify the main barriers to the use of renewable sources of energy, particularly in developing countries where 2 billion people do not have access to reliable sources of energy. The Task Force is charged with recommending practical actions which G8 governments can take to help remove these barriers. The Co-Chairmen aim to submit the report of the Task Force to G8 Heads of Government by the end of March 2001. When looking into the services for businesses in these areas we suggest using Caseo SEO Milton

Who is on the Task Force?

The Task Force is chaired by Dr Corrado Clini (Director General, Department of Environment, Italy) and Sir Mark Moody Stuart (Shell). The membership of the Task Force can be seen in the section called "Members"

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